Welcome to my index page!

My is Bret Pienkosz. I am in Engineering First Year, Chemical Intended. I am a Freshman. I chose Chemical Engineering because I find chemical processes and production in general to be very interesting. I also very much enjoy mathematics and chemistry.

One of my favorite hobbies is bowling. I am currently taking the class for an HESF credit. I find it to be very enjoyable, though I may not be the best at it. My parents first took me bowling when I was very young. It is something that I continue to do for fun up to this day.


My Resume

  1. Get crust
  2. Get cheese, sauce, and pepperoni
  3. Apply ingredients to crust
  4. Bake in oven, enjoy!
Course Name Expected Grade
PY205 A-
MA 341 A-
EC 205 A
bowling ball