Welcome to Bradford's webpage

My name is Bradford Cutler. I am a first-year Engineer hoping to major in Mechanical Engineering. Growing up, I was always tearing things apart to see how they worked and then (sometimes) putting them back together. As I grew older, that hobby transformed into a strong interest with mechanical systems, such as my passion for sutomotive systems and design. I look foward to making a living as an engineer.

My favorite break from school is Spring Break. After surviving the grey and cold winter, Spring Break is a chance to enjoy the outdoors again. Usually I will go to the beach. Hopefully this year I will catch up with some of my high school friends as well as get to know my friends at NCSU better. Spring Break jumpstarts the lively feel of Spring and is a reminder of how close we are to Summer.

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  1. Prepare dough
  2. Pour sauce
  3. Add cheese
  4. Add toppings to personnal perference
Class Expected Grade
E101 A
CH 102 A+
Perfect Getaway