About Me

My name is Blake Draves and I am currently a freshman in Mechanical Engineering. I chose mechanical engineeing based on two main things. First, it had to be a major with a lot of room for change. Mechanical engineering provides endless opportunities for change in a number of fields. That way, if I find myself not loving what I am doing, I have options to change what it is that I am doing. Secondly, it had to be hands on and stimulating. Mechanical Engineering is all of that and more. At times, it is over stimulating. I love knowing I have options when I graduate and I love getting to work hands on and be challeneged within my major.

My favorite hobby is playing soccer. I started playing when I was eight, and I have never looked back. My favorite memory has to be when my team was playing in a state tournament and we needed to win or next game by three goals or we would be eliminated. Well, we ended up going down by one very early in the game, but we came back and scored three goals. With just a few minutes left in the game, my teammate slotted a through-ball perfectly and I slipped it passed the keeper for the goal that kept us in the tournament. I will never forget that crazy celebration. It is moments like that that keep me hooked on soceer. Playing or watching.

My Favorite Website

Check out this sick resume I made--> Blake

How to make my favorite pizza

  1. Go to Papa John's
  2. Walk in the door
  3. Order a Hawaiian pizza
  4. You have made my favorite pizza

First Semester Expected Grades

Class Expected Grade
Chemistry 80
E101 95
MA 141 95
DC United