A day in the Life of Beth!

Hi! My name is Bethany! I am a Freshman at NC State and I am currently enrolled in the first year engineering program. I chose to major in engineering because I have always loved anything dealing with math and science. I hope to CODA into chemical engineering after this semester. If that doesn't work out, my second choice is industrial engineering.

My Favorite hobby is crafting. I really enjoy DIY projects. Even though a large majority of the time crafs seem way simpler on pinterest than they are in real life, all of the hard work pays off when you see a finished product. Nothing beats having some cute new wall art to put up on display. Another perk is that these hand-made crafts also make for some super cute, cheap, and personalized gifts.

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How to Order The Best Pizza!

  1. Call Dominos
  2. Ask for a large pepperoni pizza
  3. Ask for onions and green peppers on one half
  4. Go pick up pizza and enjoy!
Course Expected Grade
PY205 B
MA341 B-
ENG101 A
E115 S
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