Welcome to my website. My Name is Bryce. Dont wear it out.

Hi my name is Bryce Mauldin and I am a freshman in Engineering. Right now I am in general engineering, but I want to CODA into mechanical engineering at the end of this year. I want to do mechanical because I am good at science and math. Also I have always loved cars and tractors and other things of that nature. I believe that my interest in things like that will drive my desire to learn all I can about mechanical engineering.

My favorite hobby is destroying noobs in Halo online. I've been playing Halo online since the glory Days of Halo 3, so the hordes of twelve year olds who are new to the game stand no chance. My favorite choice of gun in the game is the DMR, and I like to use it to get headshots. Doing this assignmnet right now is actually keeping me from playing the new Halo 5 which came out on Tuesday. This is not actually my favorite hobby, I actually like soccer and I am only a casual gamer. I was just having fun in this paragraph.

NCsu Basketball My Resume
    How To Make My Favorite Pizza
  1. Make the dough
  2. Add red sauce
  3. Sprinkle some romano and mozzerella cheese on top
  4. Throw that puppy in the oven
Class Expected Grade
Calc 3 B
Chem 101 B
E 101 A
Screenshot From Halo Online