The Person Who Created This Website is Benjamin Frank Johnson

A picture of me

My College Studies

My name is Ben Johnson and I am freshman at NC State University. I plan on CODA'ing into the Department of Computer Science in order to pursue a major in Computer Science. I plan on graduating in May 2020.

Why I chose Computer Science

While I originally entered NCSU with intent on majoring in Electrical Engineering with a focus on renewable energies, in my first months here my interests have shifted. In looking into the growing field of computer science and talking with friends also in the program, I now would feel remiss if I did not join them. I see the digital field to have unlimited potential, from entertainment to ground-breaking evolutions in technology, and I feel somewhere in there I can find a career I will be happy with. Currently I intend on leaving college with my degree to enter the field of developing Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, particularly when it comes to VR in gaming. I am fascinated in how the technology takes immersion to the next level and would love to be part of the effort that brings VR into more aspects of our daily lives.

My Skills/Qualities for CSC
Class Course Title Semester
Introduction to Computing - Java CSC 116 Spring 2016
Calculus I MA 141 Spring 2016
Calculus II MA 241 Fall 2016
Programming Concepts - JAVA CSC 216 Spring 2017
Calculus III MA 242 Fall 2017