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My name is Benton Gorre. I am a sophomore in Chemical Engineering. I chose Chemical Engineering because I am very interested in the machinery that controls chemical reactions. I believe majoring in chemical engineering will allow me to pursue my passions and will peak my interests for my whole career.

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. As a little kid I would spend my afternoons on the outdoor court playing basketball with my friends, and the hobby has stuck with me. I continue to play because it allows me to work out my stress while spending quality time with friends. Although I am not the best basketball player by any means, I still enjoy playing in competitive basketball games. Playing basketball is a fun way to take a break from all the work I have during the week.

Benton's Resume

How to order Pepperoni Pizza

  1. Call Dominos
  2. ask for a medium pizza
  3. request pepperoni topping
  4. give delivery information
  5. give payment information

Class Name Anticipated Grade
PY 205 A-
PY 206 A+
MA 242 A
BIO 212 A
E 115 S