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My name is Bryce. I am a freshman. My major is EFY with a mechanical engineering intent. I chose mechanical because I like designing and building physical things. This is the major for me.

My favorite break from school was fall break. It was relaxing to not have a schedule and be able to do what I wanted. My girlfriend came to visit me. I showed her around campus and we went downtown. It was strange because campus was empty.

Sheldon Cooper

PinkBike - My 2nd favorite website

How to make Pizza

  1. Remove pizza dough from freezer and let thaw
  2. Spread evenly on cooking stone
  3. Spread pizza sauce and toppings on pizza
  4. Cook for 10 hours at 500 deg F for "well done" pizza

Course Abbreviation Expected Grade
CH 101 94
EC 201 95
MA 241 85

Downtown Raleigh