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My name is Brian Stuchel and I am a freshman in Engineering. I hope to CODA into Civil Engineering at the end of the spring semester. I chose Civil Engineering because it seems like the most interesting engineering. My dad works as a civil engineer and I really like what he does. Even though I think I want to be a civil engineer, I am interested in other types of engineering, specifically environmental.

One of my favorite hobbies is doing something active. I prefer to spend most of my time outside or playing a sport than sitting inside. My favorite sport is tennis. I used to play tennis for my high school. Just recently, I've gotten into playing racquetball. Racquetball is much more fast and entertaining to watch.


How to Order Pizza

  1. Go to Pizza Company's Website
  2. Choose Large Pizza
  3. Add Pepperoni
  4. Pay using credit card

Classes Grades
MA141 A-
E115 S
CH101 B+

Tennis Court