Ben's Second Webpage Welcome!

My name is Ben Cox. I am a freshman with an intended major of mechanical engineering. I chose that major because it's cool. I don't know what else to say for this paragraph. So here's something in Spanish. Tengo un examen manana en mi clase de espanol.

My favorite hobby is playing soccer. Playing soccer is fun. I like playing soccer. Sentence four about soccer is right here. Oh look, here's sentence five about why soccer is my favorite hobby.

E115 Page Picture Picture
  • How to make my favorite sandwhich
  • Start with two slices of sunflower bread
  • Add about 1/4 pound of turkey
  • Add two slices of swiss cheese.
  • Add honey mustard, enjoy
    Class Expected Grade
    E101 'A'
    E115 'A'
    CSC 113 'B'