Welcome to My Page!!!

My name is Brendan Balken. I am a freshman Biomedical Engineering student. I chose this major because I intend to go on to Medical School, but am interested in Engineering as well. I may also change my intended major to Chemical Engineering. This is because I enjoy Chemistry and think I would be a good Chemical Engineer. My third choice is Nuclear Engineering.

My favorite hobby is fly fishing. It is an important part of my life and I have enjoyed this hobby for years. I also worked at the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education teaching people how to fly fish. It was a fantastic summer job. I learned alot from it. I intend to volunteer in the future.

NC Wildife Resources Commission Webassign

How to Order a Sandwich

  1. Walk into Subway
  2. Talk to Jerry
  3. Order 5 dolla foot long
  4. Go to register
  5. Eat Fresh.
Class Grade
MA141 A+
CH101 A+
MB103 A+
Fly Fishing