Welcome to my website containing info about my college career and my favorite sandwich

Benjamin Borski, Freshman, Biomedical Engineering. I decided to choose this major because it combines my love for engineering at a young age with my new fond love of the medical field. Through this major I should be able to both be and engineer and work in the medical field.

My favorite hobby is playing soccer. I have always enjoyed playing various different sports , but it wasnt till recently that i had decided soccer was my favorite sport. I have played soccer since the age of five, and now i enjoy to watch all the Professional soccer games and I still try to get out and play every once in a while

Oblivion Analysis
  1. choose favorite bread
  2. Place ham on bottom piece
  3. place salami on top of ham
  4. Place Turkey on top of salami
  5. place favorite cheese on top of all meat
  6. put bread second piece of bread on top
Class Expected grade
ENG 101 A
CH 221 B
MA 341 A
PY 208 B