My name is Brant Dupree. The year is 2015, but I graduate in 2019. Hopefully. My Major is Chemical Engineering, but Ihope to dual in Textile and Chemical engineering. I chose this career because I have a strong passion to change the world into a better place, be it morally, economically, environmentally, or however it need fixin. This job can help me in that

My favorite hobby is fly fishing. I go to creeks in the NC mountains like Wilson, Brown, or Lost Cove Creek. I began to learn when I was 12 years old, and after 6 years of learning I am still learning but honestly quite capable. I have many stories of cold, winter days spent wading in the risk streams, flinging back and forth a 2 oz fly in the hopes of catching a Brooke trout, or a rainbow. We like our fish fat and stupid, but the small, smart ones are also fun to catch. Not to mount though.

My favorite site


  1. Purchase a frozen pizza
  2. Open the box
  3. Put pizza in oven at 400 F
  4. Cook and enjoy
Class Grade
Chem Calc Textiles
Brown Trout