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My name is Bennett Espeland. I am a freshman. I am currently intent on a double major in Eletrical and Computer engineering. I chose these because I like engineering and love robotics as well as computers. The double majors help me work with both the hardware and software aspects of computers and robotic systems.

My favorite hobby is computers. I love working with and playing on computers. I currently am active on a custom computer site and design computers for people that are interested in building their own computer. I hope this next summer to make a really nice computer. I also enjoy playing and optimizing software and games on computers.

Favorite Website
oh noes!

How to make pepperoni pizza

  1. Call mom
  2. Ask what's for dinner (she'll ask what you want)
  3. Say you've been craving pepperoni pizza
  4. Show up 30-45 minutes later
Class: Grade:
PY 208 A-
MA 242 A
E115 S
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