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My name is Benjamin Fisher, and I am a freshman at NC State. I am currently a first year engineer, but plan to major in Computer Science. I chose Computer Science because I like to work with technology, figure out how things work, and program. I began programming on a TI-83 when I was in middle school, and grew to enjoy coding from there. Majoring in Computer Science will enable me to work in a job where I can program.

My only paid job experience was working as a tutor last year. I tutored two middle school children in math, and one Junior in Algebra. I would meet each individually at a table at Books A Million. It was fun helping others learn how to do math, a subject I enjoy.

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Interesting Class List

  1. CSC 226 - Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists
  2. CSC 216 - Programming Comcepts - Java
  3. E 115 - Introduction to Computing Environments
  4. E 101 - Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving

Clubs I am in
Name Website
Underwater Robotics ncsurobotics.com
Freethinkers getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/freenc