Beef Educational Unit


Lake Wheeler Field Laboratories
3720 Lake Wheeler Rd.
Raleigh NC. 27603

The unit was moved from the old location at Reedy Creek Road in 2002 to Lake Wheeler Rd..  The new beef unit has approxiametly 110 acres of pasture land for the sixty brood cows.  At the beef unit they run two purebred herds.  One of the herds is Angus and the other is Hereford.  The new facilities has plenty of working space in the new buildings.  There are three buildings on the property.  The first being the commodity building where all the feed is held for the cattle and their is also a classroom and lab that can be used for feeding trials.  The other buildings house a large arena for shows and judging contest and their is a classroom that can hold up to 50 students that helps to handle the large amount of labs held at the unit.  The new working facility is fully operational with two working chutes and plenty of pens to hold all of the cattle. beefunit

Programs and Activities
The Beef Unit host several different types of activities.  Some of the activities include labs that are taught at the facility to meetings and field days.  For a list and some sample pictures of the activities please click on the link above. 
Herefords and Angus cattle at the Unit
The beef unit at NCSU has thrived to produce functional cattle that will work for the every day cattle producer.  Over the years both the angus and the hereford heards have grown to be a functional and well known cattle herd in the state of North Carolina.  For pictures of the cattle please click on the link provided above.

For more information about the Beef Educational Unit contact:
Manager: Rick J. Kern
Phone: 919-513-7287


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