Brandon Long

Hello Everyone! My name is Brandon Long and I attend North Carolina State University. I am currently enrolled as a freshman. My intent is to dual major in Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering. The reason I am persuing this major because I want to become a process engineer in a large paper plant. I believe that with this major, I can continue the reliance on sustainable resources, and make the process of manufacturing them more efficient.

My favorite hobby is to spend time outdoors interacting with nature. I especially enjoy hunting wildlife, and I also enjoy things such as fishing and farming. Duck hunting is my absolute favorite. The adrenaline rush experienced when firing at a large group coming in is unimaginable. My friends and I always have an excellent time on these adventurous experiences.

Yellow Lab


  1. Retrieve coupon from Dominos.
  2. Walk to Dominos restaurant.
  3. Give cashier the coupon.
  4. Pay discounted price with money.
  5. Obtain your delicious pizza.
Classes Grades
E115 S
Chemistry 101 A
Calculus I A-
English 101 B+
Duck hunting