Welcome to my About Me!

Hi everyone, My name is Brandon Kandare and I am currently a sophomore at North Carolina State University studying mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because it is a field of study that is very practical in the world that we live in today and the courses are also extremely exciting once you start to get past the basic engineering classes.

Currently, I'm fortunate enough that I do not have to have a job to support myself while I'm in school. I served in the United States Army for four long years as an infantry paratrooper before becoming a full-time student, so the education benefits that I earned while in the military are taking care of my basic needs while I grind through my years as an undergraduate student.

My dream job after finishing school is a position as a travelling engineering salesman. Since I've gotten out of the Army, I have done summer sales for multiple different companies selling anything from solar panels to pest control subscriptions all around the United States. The dynamics of the sales world mixed with the excitement of engineering is what really attracts me.

Summer Sales in Minnesota 2017

NCSU classes that I am most interested in:

  1. Dynamics of Machines
  2. Principles of Auto Control
  3. Engineering Dynamics
  4. Engineering Statics

NCSU clubs that I find interesting:

ClubLink to club website
Aerial Robotics Club (ARC)ARC Website
Adventure ClubAdventure Club Page