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Hello my name is Brendan D'Angelo and I am a freshman at NC State University. I wish to major in aerospace engineering but I am also interested in mechanical and computer engineering. I chose this major because I have been fascinated with planes and rockets since elementary school. I wanted to become an astronaught when I was a child which helped me realize this passion. Mechanical and computer engineering are easily relatable to aerospace which is why they are also my top choices.

My favorite hobby is kayaking which I started doing in the beginning of my freshman year in highschool. My family owns two kayaks and we take them to nearby lakes ever so often and also will take them when we go on vacation to the beach. We will sometimes fish while kayaking in lakes but I rarely catch anything. The best parts of kayaking is the scenery and the excitement of going down rishing waters. Most of my family also kayaks whish is probably why I started aswell.

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  1. Go onto Pizza Hut's website
  2. Choose cheese pizza from list and put info
  3. Wait for it to arrive
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Class Grade
Ch 101 B
Ma 241 A
Ec 205 A