Welcome to my Domain!

My name is Bryan Kim and I'm a first year student at NC State University. I'm considering in choosing Computer Science because I love video games and I'm curious in how programming works in general. However, I am also considering going into business right now because there are times where I don't enjoy programming and I continue to struggle with it. Since I am also struggling in programming now and I don't have as much time to focus on it, I might try to study it after I graduate college. I am also thinking of minoring in Japanese because I like Japanese culture as well as the food.

My favourite hobby is to watch anime. Usually I play games, but when I have the time and I want to really relax, I like to watch anime. I don't hate most animes, but there are a few I do not like, but it is rare for me to not like an anime. I like to watch many different genres of anime because I like to keep my mind open to new things to anything. I like to watch different kinds of anime because I like the art and the stories that go with many different anime. When I watch anime, sometimes I cry, laugh, get angry, get excited, and many other feelings when I watch different kinds of anime.

Shigatsu Resume
  1. Two slice of bread
  2. Mayonnaise (on each slice)
  3. Mustard (on each slice)
  4. Special hot sauce (on each slice)
  5. Turkey breast
  6. lettuce
  7. Pepper jack cheese
  8. Spicy Nacho Doritos
  9. Assemble sandwich
Class Expected Grade
CSC 116 C-
PY 205 C
FLJ 102 A-
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso