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My name is Bryson Jones, and I am a freshman engineering student. I plan on majoring Chemical Engineering, because of my love for chemistry and mathematics. Specifically within chemistry, I have always been interested in kinetics, equilibriums, and reactions rates, which is contained and expanded upon within Chemical Engineering. I also have researched the wide amount of applications within the automotive industry, which is the main goal for career. I am also considering a minor in Material Science Engineering, for the innovations currently being made in renewable battery technologies for vehicles.

Almost my entire life, I have been obsessed with speed. I have loved anything having to do with racing since I was a young boy. As I've become older, I've grown passionate about learning what makes cars top speed higher, accelerate faster, and everything else about them. My gift and passion for science and mathematics has equipped me with tools to make a difference within this industry, and I hope to gain a meaningful career to do just that.

Formula 1 Racing Personal Resume
  1. Go to Pizza Hut, and order a large
  2. Get stuffed crust and extra cheese
  3. Get Pepperonis and bacon as the toppings
  4. Get hot sauce and garlic on the side
  5. Place Order
Classes Grades
MA 242 A
PY 205 A
PHI 205 A
Formula 1 Racing in the Rain