Brennen Kori Smith

High School Graduation


Hello! My name is Brennen Smith and I am currently majoring in Agricultural Science, but I intend on changing into Textile Engineering or Techincal Textiles. I am currently a Freshman at North Carolina State University and am anticipating graduation May of 2020.

College of Textiles

My new aspiration is that I want to go into the college of Textiles, either Techincal Textiles or Textile Engineering more specifically. I am interested in certain textile applications including Ballistic Textiles, Sports Textiles, Composites, Technical Textiles, etc. With my top two choices being Ballistic and Sports, I intend on narrowing down which path I want to go in, in the near future. Sport Textiles are textiles develeped used in sporting applications to incorporate special characteristics that allow athletes to perfect their performance. Likewise, Ballistic Textiles are textiles specialized for military personal designed for effective protections againsts projectiles and other firearms. My intentions with a degree in textiles will be to work for a popular company such as Nike for Sports Textiles, or Angel Armor for Ballistic Textiles.



Class Course Title Semester
T 101 Introduction to the College of Textiles Spring 2017
TE 105 Textile Engineering: Materials and Systems Spring 2017
TMS 211 Introduction to Fiber Science Fall 2017