Hi, my name is Barry McAnulty. I am a freshamn here at NC State. I am currently undecided in Exploratory Studies. I want to double major in Computer and Electrical Engineering. I want to do this because most engineering builds off electrical. Also, the world is never going to run out of computers, so I'll always be able to work somewhere. I also love math, and math is a big part of all engineering.

My favorite hobby is golf. I like golf because it is peaceful. It's just me, the ball, and the hole. No one is ever trying to tackle me or take something away from me. Golf may be peaceful, but it is also one of the hardest sports. Getting that little ball into that little hole is very difficult and takes years of practice to become decent at.


english project
  1. get out pizza crust
  2. put on pizza sauce
  3. put on cheese
  4. put on pepperoni
  5. put in oven
  6. eat!

SLC 250 A
REL 311 A-
ENG 101 B+
MA 141 A
USC 101 B+
E 115 S

batman golf cart