Welcome to my page!

My name is Betsy Murphy, and my intended major is Biological and Agricultural Engineering. This is my first year at NC State. I would say that I am a freshman, but I have sophomore credit, so I just refer to myself as a first-year student. I grew up on a cattle farm, and my parents are high school agriculture teachers, so naturally I have always been interested in agriculture. I had always wanted to become an agriculture teacher, but my parents, who have been in the profession for over twenty years, convinced me to look at other fields. I enjoy science and mathematics, and I discovered a love for physics during junior year, so I decided to give engineering a try.

This sounds ridiculously lame, but my favorite hobby is playing with my cat. My cat's name is Dan, but I also refer to him as Dan Man or Mr. Dan. His fifth birthday was during the week of July 4th this year. We were gone to a camp during the week he and his three siblings were born, and it is hard to believe that was over five years ago. Dan is not the nicest cat, but he tolerates me, and I love him. He is a long-haired tuxedo cat, so he has the traditional tuxedo cat pattern with a black body and white accents on the feet and chest. Most of my visits home are primarily for visiting Dan.

REI logo Resume
  1. Call Domino's
  2. Ask for a large pepperoni pizza to be delivered
  3. Tell the Domino's employee your address
  4. Pay for the pizza when the driver arrives
Class Expected Grade
MA141 B
CH101 A-
E115 S
Not Dan but similar