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My name is Brittany L. Wilson. I am of the year 2013 at North Carolina State University double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Polymer Color Chemistry. Biomedical Engineering interests me due to the two perspectives of medicine and engineering incorperated together. Polymer Color Chemistry is in the Textiles field relating to chemistry in a different manner dealing with polymers and colors people come in contact with daily. These two majors both can have medical relevance which intrigues me due to my career choice of becoming an otolaryngologist. I have always focused on becoming a doctor, in which devoting my time with the Ft. Bragg American Red Cross encouraged me even more. After four and a half years of college at NCSU to complete my two degrees, I plan to attend medical school at UNC Chapel Hill.

My favorite Halloween costume would have to be the doctor costume I wore when I was younger. It was fashioned after the medical doctor's green scrubbs. It included a mask, nametag, and stethoscope. It seemed like I would actually be going into the hospital to perform surgery. I feel it related to my experience of having two sinus surgeries along with the costume itself representing my goal in life. The doctor's costume definitely was my favorite representing my career choice and aspirations.

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    My Favorite Football Teams
  1. Texas Longhorns
  2. North Carolina State Wolfpack
  3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  4. Pittsburgh Panthers
  5. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets