Hi my name is Bryce Gaither

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About me

My intended major right now is chemical engineering but I am considering changing it to computer science. I am a student at NCSU and plan to graduate in the spring of 2020.

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My first choice right now is chemical engineering because although I came to this school with full intent to go into biomedical, I hated my biology class and loved my organic chemistry class. This prompted me to switch to chemical, but to be honest I am also enjoying this class and thinking about adding on computer science. If I stick with chemical engineering I would do so with a concentration in sustainable energy and go into the field of sustainable energy. If I go with computer science I have no idea what I would want to do because there are so many possibilites.

Class Course Name Semester
CHE 227 | Organic Chemistry II | Spring 2017
CHE 225 | Chem Eng Analysis | Spring 2017
PY 208 | Physics Egr II | Spring 2017
CHE 205 | Chem Proc Princs | Fall 2017
MSE 201 | Struc and Prop of Egr Mat | Fall 2017