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Hello, my name is Brendon Reynolds and I am a freshman studying Computer Science at NC State. I chose to major in computer science because of the AP Computer Science class that I took last year in high school. Before taking that class I knew that I wanted to major in some kind of engineering but after that class it was clear that I wanted to be in computer science.

While I was in high school I worked at Full Circle Crab Company, which is a seafood market. Part of my job was to get whatever the customer asked for and then check them out. The other part of my job was working on the dock, which included cleaning fish, grading crabs, and cleaning all of the coolers. I worked at Full Circle for three years from August 2014 to August 2017.

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  1. Introduction to Java (CSC 116)
  2. Chemistry (CH 101)
  3. Calculus 1 (MA 141)
  4. Economics (EC 205)
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