Homework 5

My name is Brittany Taylor. I am currently a freshman.
I am studying chemical engineering. I chose this major
because I wanted to do something more applied than what
I would do with just a chemistry degree. Also because
when I'm older I want an inground pool, lots of shoes
and dresses, and three kids.

My favorite break from school was spring break my junior
year of high school. I went to Myrtle beach with my three
best friends: Kara, Lauren, and Nicole. A really fun part
of that trip was when we walked to the Steak n Shake at
three o'clock in the morning with some people from Michigan.
High school spring breaks were really fun because when you
left school you weren't doing real work and when you came
back to school you still didn't have real work to do. Man,
why can't college be like that?

I LOVE March Madness! I'd like to say I love most sports,
especially football! March Madness is a lot of fun because
until last Friday I could root for my team (GO PACK!) but
then we lost. Sports are fun because they rally people to-
gether. There's always lots of cheering and good food like
pizza and Dr. Pepper. Yum!

Want some pizza?

  1. Get some bread.
  2. Get some peanut butter.
  3. Get some marshmallow creme.
  4. Put peanut butter on bread.
  5. Put marshmallow creme on peanut butter.


E115 S
Chemistry A
Physics B+