I Hope You Got the Title Joke!

Hello, my name is Brad Wires and this is 2015. My major is Mechanical Engineering Systems. I chose this major because I feel that I will be good at it. I have a background in drafting and machining so I thought why not get a degree and make a more comfortable living. I also have an interest in all things mechanical so that is another reason.

My favorite hobby is golf. I play as often as I can, even though I'm technically not that good. I don't think you have to be good at golf to go out and have fun. One thing I like about golf is being outside on a beautiful course on a beautiful day. Another thing I like about golf is the technical aspect. The are many ways to hit the ball and it is fun learning how to make the ball do what you want it to do.

slacker Resume

  1. Go to Pizza Hut Website
  2. Select supreme stuffed crust
  3. Choose delivery
  4. Enter payment information
  5. Sit back and wait for deliciousness
Course Expected Grade
Statics B
Materials A
Thermodynamics A
E115 Pass