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My name is Blake Boyles and I am currently attending NC State University. I am currently in the exploratory studies program, but I am intending to transfer into mechanical engineering. My expected graduation date is 2020.

Future Plans

The reasoning that I have choosen to get a degree in mechanical degree is because I have always been interested in how certaion objects working, and to why they work that specific way. Once I obtain a degree in mechanical engineering I plan on trying to find a job in that field. I am currently thinking about going to work for a company that is based on working with aerospace parts.


  • Quick at learning
  • Good with Technology
  • Great at working with others
  • Class Course Title Semester
    E115 Introduction to Computing Environments Spring 2017
    ENG 101 Academic Writing and Research Spring 2017
    GC 120 Foundations of Graphics Fall 2017 or Spring 2018