The Welcome and What You Need To Know

My name is Brooks Estes. I am a sophmore at NCSU. My major is Statistics. I hope to graduate with a BS in my degree. If everything goes to plan I should graduate in 2018

My favorite hobby is probably writing or making perl art. Perl art is using little colored plastic beads, putting them into a certain arrangment, then using wax paper and an iron to melt them into place. It is a very relaxing activity and I really feel proud of what I made. My favorite thing so far is a small Pacman ghost of various colors. It's especially fun because it doesn't cost much and their are a nearly infinite possibilities for me.

Snoo Resume
  1. Pick up phone
  2. Call up Papa Johns
  3. Pick out some tasty bread types
  4. Get some rad toppings
  5. Drop Mic and place the order
Class Expected Grade
Stat 305 B
Ma 242 A-
E 115 S