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My name is Brianna Ims. I am a freshman. I am currently in Engineering First Year, and I intend to CODA into Textile Engineering with a concentration in Information Systems after this semester. I chose this major because I love chemistry, and Textile Engineering has a lot of chemistry in it. I also love the applications of Textile Engineering - how it helps people get access to clean water or hygiene products or new medical applications. I chose Information Systems because it works with math and computers and management, which sounds more interesting to me than Product Engineering or Chemical Processing.

I have a few favorite hobbies. One of them is music. My favorite instrument is my voice - I love to sing! Over the years I have also played piano, violin, upright bass, harp xylophone, and other percussive instruments. Another hobby I have is soccer. I played recreational and school soccer through middle and high school. I currently play with NCSU Intramural, and I am captain of a team.

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  2. Cover both halves with ranch dressing.
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Course Expected Grade
E115 S
EC201 C
MA242 B-
MUS113 S
PY205 B+
PY206 A+
TE105 B+
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