Hi everyone!

Welcome to my Page! I'm glad that you've landed here.

My name is Braden Oakes. I am currently a freshman at NC State majoring in Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I chose Paper Science Engineering because I have enjoyed chemistry and science throughout my life and saw this program as a unique way to learn more about paper; an item we use daily and take for granted.

Currently, I am on student leave but still work for BI-LO. At BI-LO I work either as cashier, a self-checkout attendant, or a bagger. I have worked at BI-LO for almost two years now and have gained much experience with interpersonal skills and also have been able to come out of my shell.

A Photo of Me
  1. FLG202: Intermediate German 202
  2. PSE295: Special Topics in Paper Science
  3. MA141: Calculus 1
  4. E115: Computing Environments
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