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What, Where, When

My major here at North Carolina State University is Electrical Engineering. I anticipate my graduation to be in the spring of 2018.

Why and My Plans

I decided on electrical engineering while working in automotive as a mechanic. I understood the electrical systems and how to diagnose them. I wanted to further my knowledge of electrical systems and technology. Electrical engineering will allow me to use the skills I have developed in automotive as well as teach me new skills and tools to further my career. Originally I planned to go into the power sector and possibly work on large scale power systems but now I am thinking that automotive might be somewhere that I could walk into with an upper hand. The next few semesters will certainly help me decide on a direction.

Class Course Title Semester
Analytical Foundations of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 220 Spring 2017
Electric Circuits ECE 211 Spring 2017
Intro to Probability and Distribution Theory ST 371 Spring 2017
Communication for Engineering and Technology ENG 331 Spring 2017
Differential Equations MAT 285 Spring 2016