Welcome to My Homework 6

My name is Bhavesh Parekh. I'm a first year engineering student with a biomedical intent. I chose this major because I want to enhance the tools used in the medical field and be exposed to many other fields of engineering in the process. Biomedical allows me to experience chemical, biological, mechanical, and electrical engineering in one field.

My favorite hobby is to learn different fighting styles. In highschool I started wrestling. It was a lot of fun and so I started looking into combat sports. I found muay thai, jujitsu and other styles very interesting so I decided that the MMA would be a goal of mine. When college started, I began to broaden my fighting experience by joining boxing club. The club has taught me a lot about discipline since there is no coach to push you to your limit.

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How to make my favorite pizza

  1. Defrost frozen pizza dough
  2. Spread pizza sauce and add diced pineapples and jalapenos
  3. Add mozzarella cheese on top
  4. Put in oven till crispy

Class Expected Grade
Chemistry 101 A
Physics 205 B
Economics 201 A