Hello, my name is Briana Green. I am a freshman in COE. I have not decided a major but I would chose civil engineering because the structure of transporation and the such is interesing. I've been to workshops about civil and most are boring. Many of the civil engineering study abroad trips I've heard about have been to places such as China and Japan.

My favorite break as been Christmas break. It was my favorite because it was the longest. I had plenty of time to spend with my family and boyfriend. I worked while I was home and went many places. The only downfall was the weather. It really cold back home in Jacksonville, NC. For Christmas, I got a classic Cinderella doll.

March Madness is enjoyable. I love basketball and seeing underdog teams win. This year a lot of people's brackets are messed up. Basketball is constantly on ESPN now and a lot of other networks. It gives me something to watch in my downtime.


Making A Sandwich

  1. Get the bread
  2. Spread mayo on
  3. Add ham
  4. Close the pieces of bread

Class Grade
ENG 101 B+
MA 141 B+
E145 A+