Elite 8 Hall of Records

My name is Ben Hoeschel. I am graduating in the class of 2019. I am Engineering first year, mechanical intent. I chose this major because I like to problem solve and this major provides me that opportunity.

My favorite hobby is fantasy football. I love fantasy football because it is a strategic game with a little luck. It is especially fun when playing with friends, because then it gets competitive. Winning against your friends is especially rewarding because you then own the bragging rights over them for the rest of the season. Fantasy football has become part of me.

ESPN Fantasy Football Resume
  1. Drive to Chicago
  2. Can't find your wallet
  3. Drive home
  4. Realize your wallet was in your shirt pocket, drive back to Chicago
  5. Go to Burt's Place
  6. Order the sausage deep dish
  7. Enjoy!
Class Grade
E101 A
E115 S
MA141 A
ESPN Fantasy Score