The Semester is Basically Over

My name is Ben Malinda and I am a freshman at NC State University. It is my intention to major in BioMedical Engineering with a pre-med background. I want to have a degree in this major with this specific background because it is my intention to go to medical school after I have completed my Undergraduate degree. The reason I want to follow this profession is because of a project that I had in Senior year of High School. During this project I followed several physicians and decided that it is a profession that I could see myself in.

I have several hobbies that I really enjoy. However, my favorite hobby would have to be working on my car. I bought my car last year and when I first bought it there were two speakers in the dash of the car. Now, a year later, I have a seven speaker system with a ten inch subwoofer in the back. I don't really know if I plan to continue working on the sound system of the car however, I do think that I will try to work on the car's performance.

The debate about cats and dogs has gone on for years. I personally feel that dogs are superior to cats. My reasoning for that is that, although dog do take a larger amount of work to care for, they are far better companions. They are better companions because they really love and care about you and do not just view you as someone that feeds them. Who doesn't love to have an adorable dog freak out and lick as soon as you walk through the door?

  1. Lightly toast the bread
  2. Add mayo to both sides
  3. Add some kind of protein
  4. Add lettuce
  5. Add tomato
  6. Done
Class Grade
CH101 A-
USC100 A
E115 S