My Batman Costume=
My major that I choose is Civil Engineering. I love math and do very well in it so I knew from the start that I was going to be an engineer one day. Then came the part of choosing a specific major. I am also interested in building structures and the engineering behind "building" and upkeeping the world in which we live in today. Engineering is so attractive because it allows people to use and create things using one's mind. As a freshman I can't really pin point what my major may exactly bring me, in terms of a job, at the end of my college experience, but I know that whatever I do, I will enjoy it because I love engineering.

My favorite halloween costume was my costume from when I was in the second grade. In the second grade I was the Batman. My Batman costume came with all the necessary gear such as a robe and "boomerang", flashlight, mask, cuffs, and the infamous cape that all super heroes had to wear in order to be legit. This was my favorite probably because I remember wearing many many more times after halloween to the point where I would sleep in it. Batman was my favorite super heroe because Batman could come from any normal person wanting to be a hero.

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  1. NCSU
  2. Michigan
  3. Ohio State
  4. DUKE
  5. Appalachian