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My name is Brennan Brodt, and I am a first year student at NC State University. I am currently undecided on what field of engineering I am planning on going into, although it will probably be either aerospace or mechanical engineering. I hope to be in one of these fields because the mechanical systems in our lives have always fascinated me, especially flight.

In the summer of 2016 I had the wonderful opportunity of being able to work with the Jones House Community Center in Boone, NC. I had various duties in my time there, but my personal favorite was working the sound system for the free concerts the center puts on every Friday. I would record these performances, tune sound levels, and lastly after the concerts I would take the concerts and break them up into their individual pieces do a little producing along the way. I did this all as volunteer work and it really was a great opportunity to give to my community.

Picture of Brennan

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Below you will find my totally rad list of classes I have taken, am taking, or want to take...

  1. MA 520 - Linear Algebra
  2. PB 219 - Plants In Folklore, Myth, and Religion
  3. MA 242 - Multivariable Calculus
  4. REL 332 - The Buddhist Traditions

Below are two clubs that I, Brennan, am personally interested in...

Club Website
Sailing Club www.sailpack.org
Rowing Club www.rowingclubncsu.com