Welcome to a page about me, if you have found this you are either a grader or in the wrong place .

My name is Brady Bronico. I am currently a freshman at NC State. My intended major is Biomedical Engineering because I would love to research on prosthetics. My dad has had an eye injury recently in a detatched retina and it has been continual and in the same eye. There is a six week recovery process after each surgery where a person cannot do anything and can barely see. My dad is a guy who has to keep busy in order to not get bored so it kills my family seeing him like this. I want to work at Duke University with a doctor who is a developing a bionic eye.

My favorite hobby is to go out and play soccer at Miller Fields. I usually go out two to three times a week and play pick up and intramurals. I have played soccer my entire life at an extremely competetive level and was planning on playingg in college at Appalachain State or UNC-Charlotte. Both were prestigious division one programs, but i had to make a decision of whether to play soccer or go to medical school. Although, I would have loved to play i believed my career was more important than a game. I still love to go out and kick around even though sometimes I miss the sport deeply.


Favorite paper

  1. 1. Get the dough and knead it
  2. 2. Make the crust thick and roll some mozzarella inside of it to make a cheesy crust.
  3. 4. Add meats, such as: bacon, ham, pepperoni, sausage, and salami.
  4. Bake in a brick oven until golden and then enjoy.
Classes Grade
Physics 205 B
Chemistry 101 A
E115 S
MIE 201 A
English 101 B