Welcome to my second webpage created for E115!

My name is Brittany Kiser. I am a Freshman hoping to pursue a degree in Electrical or Nuclear Engineering. I have considered Electrical Engineering because I have always had a desire to work with circuits and find them totally fascinating. I have considered Nuclear Engineering because I think nuclear reactions are very interesting. I hope to use my Electrical or Nuclear Engineering background to work in Military Intelligence.

My favorite hobby is shopping. I am commonly found at the mall and almost always with a shopping bag in hand. Shopping is my way to relax and unwind. I definitely believe in retail therapy.

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Make my favorite sandwich:

  1. Get some Sourdough bread
  2. Add mustard, ham, and turkey
  3. Add pickles
  4. Add chips and close sandwich
Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
E101 A+
ES100 B+
CH101 A-
CH102 A+
HI252 B+
HESA223 A+