Welcome to the Webpage

Hi, my name is Brandon Lang. I am a Freshman at NC State University. I am here to study computer science. Unlike a lot of the other students here, my reason for choosing computer science is not that I want to save the world. Instead, I want to develop animation movies to entertain the world. My dream employer is actually DreamWorks Animation, because they are seen as Pixar's inferior competitor, and I like playing the underdog.

My favorite hobby is probably playing sports. The type doesn't really matter, as long as it requires physical activity and is competitve. With that said, probably my favorite sport is soccer because I've been playing since very young, and over the years found that I'm not that bad. Along with soccer, I also really enjoy playing football, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, and even grappling sports like Judo and wrestling.

picture link to Youtube Click to see my resume!

How to make a Pizza!

  1. Get a crust
  2. Cover it in sauce
  3. Heap on the cheese
  4. Bake
  5. Eat (I don't have super specific special pizza)
Class Name Expected Grade
E101 A - 4.00
EC 201 A - 4.00
CSC 116 B - 3.00