Helo and welcome to my E115 Homework

My name is Brian liberatore. I am a freshman here at NCSU. I'm currently an electrical engineering major but I plan on changing my major but I do not know what to. I chose that major because I thought it would be more about circuits than it was. I might be interested in enviromental engineering.

My favorite hobby would be hanging out with my friends and playing video games with them. We play a lot of sport based games like fifa, madden, and ufc. I also play computer games like League of Legends. Another hobby of mine is biking. Me and my friends would always go biking on trails after school in highschool.

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How to make My favorite pizza

  1. heat up the oven and start preparing the dough
  2. put the sauce on the pizza
  3. put bacon and ham and monzerella on the sauce
  4. put the pizza in the oven and enjoy

classes this semester

class expected grade
Physics 205 A-
E115 S
English B+
Calc2 A
ufc 2 video game