Welcome to Bethany's Website!

My name is Bethany Skellington and I am a mathematics education major here at NC State. I am a sophomore and I just transferred into math education a few days ago, so I am very excited. I want to teach high school math after college. I really love algebra and geometry, so I would like to teach those, but I am willing to teach any students I am offered! I am also double majoring in statistics because I find it very interesting. I hope to CODA in the summer.

My favorite hobby is horseback riding. I actually grew up on a farm and started competing in the sixth grade. I had to quit before I came to State, but I really want to get back into it. I used to own a pony named Apache. We took grand champion in TREC for the entire United States three years in a row and were invited to compete in Austria and Portugal at the international level. Unfortunately, I could not afford it. I hope to one day get back into horseback riding and do it for the rest of my life.

Pythagoran Theorem Lesson Plan

How to Order SoPies Pizza. It stands for Southern Pines.
  1. Call them (they are weird and don't have a website).
  2. Decide what you want and tell them
  3. You can either pay over the phone or in person. Do that.
  4. Pick up your pizza and enjoy the amazingness that is SoPies.

Class Expected Grade
BIO 181 B
ECI 416 A+
ST 101 B