Welcome To Brian's Webpage

My name is Brian Teutonico. I am a freshman attempting to major in Computer Engineering at NC State University.
I chose that major because I am strong in mathematics and I am good with computers. I also always enjoyed the idea
of one day being able to create my own electronic game. My goal after getting my degree is to create new technology
to better help the world.

My favorite hobby is playing football. I used to play on the sports team at my high school. Now I just throw around
the football every now and then outside. Sometimes I can get a friendly game of football together with some of my
friends. Playing pickup football with friends will never compare to playing a serious game all suited up.


  1. Get Slices of Bread
  2. Put Peanut Butter on One Slice
  3. Put Jelly on the Other Side
  4. Push Pieces Together so Peanut Butter is facing Jelly

Class Grade
E115 S
Chemistry 101 83
Calculus 2 85