Hi, I'm Brendan Tumpey. Welcome to my webpage!

Hi, my name is Brendan Tumpey. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University, where I am pursuing a double major in Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I decided to study Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering because of my love of chemistry, critical thinking, and a healthy environment.

Last summer, I worked as a naturalist at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey. I led kayak tours, took tourists on birdwatching hikes, and taught children how to surf. Additionally, we would have bonfires on the beach, and we would make s'mores under the moonlight. I thoroughly enjoyed working there during my summer.

My Most Interesting Classes:

  1. CH-101
  2. E115-001
  3. PSE-295
  4. MA-241

Name of Club Link to Website
Student Wolfpack Club Wolfpack Club Website
Sigma Pi Fraternity Sigma Pi Website