Welcome to my About Me page!

My name is Ben Samson, I am a freshmen, and will graduate in the year 2021. I am an engineering first year with a computer science intent. I chose that major, because of my fascination with computers and how they work. I have had this interest, since I was young, and now I get to pursue my dreams.

Last year I worked at Autobell Carwash. It is one of the largest carwashes in the nation. I started working there in December of 2016. The job is a very rewarding job, but you have to be willing to put in the work. Once I got good at the job I starting making a lot of money. I learned a lot from the job as well, I learned that hard work pays off. This is a very important thing to understand especially now that I am becoming a man.

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    The Most Interesting Classes I am Currently in at NC State
  1. Chemistry
  2. Calculus 1
  3. Into to Computing environments
  4. English 101

Club/Organization Link to Website
Student Wolfpack Club link.
African Students Union link.