Welcome to my website!

My name is Branden Hawkins, and I'm a Freshman here at NCSU! I'm currently in the First Year Engineering program but I plan to be studying Materials Science and Engineering next semester. I chose MSE because I really enjoy the structural side of chemistry. I also enjoy both the more hard research angle of science and the more practical focus of engineering, so a major that has plenty of both like MSE is great for me!

Although I'm not currently working, for the past 3 summers I have worked as a lifeguard. When I'm not on the stand watching the pool, I take care of the front desk, clean, and do maintenance. I also mow lawns in my neighborhood and for some nearby family members. I hope to be able to work in Research and Development in the Materials Science field one day!


My favorite NCSU Courses so far:

  1. Organic Chemistry Lab
  2. Calculus III
  3. Differential Equations
  4. Intro to Organic Chemistry
  5. Intro to Environmental Science
Club Website
Habitat for Humanity at NCSU Their site
Catholic Campus Ministry Their site