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A bit about me

I am considering a Major in Textile Engineering at North Carolina State University. I am curently a freshman and I intend to graduate in 2020. I am originally from New York so I am enjoying the transfer to life down south. Noth Carolina is a beautifull state.

I have always been interested in fabric and I kept hearing about the market's need for Textile Engineers as I was looking around for a good career option; so I decided to persue this field. Of course if you want to do textiles there are very few quality options so I chose NC State. I intend to use my knowledge to help people that are developmentally disabled by designing equipment that will make there life easier.

Class Course Title Semester
MA 141 Calculus Fall 2016
Eng 101 Academic Writing Spring 2017
T 101 Textiles Fall 2016
HI 207 Ancient Mediteranean History Fall 2016
Ch 101 Chemistry a Molecular Science Fall 2016